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The Love Aquarium (TLA) is San Diego’s favorite full-line freshwater AND saltwater aquarium shop. Based in Escondido, California, the folks at TLA are known for their excellent and inviting service for hobbyists of all levels. They provide just about everything San Diego’s aquarists might need, from fish and plants, to corals and crabs, to wood and rocks. Additionally, TLA provides aquatic livestock, tanks, tank maintenance supplies, and much more. They truly are making the world a wetter place, one tank at a time.

TLA is owned and operated by Doug Clark, Jr. Take a virtual tour of the shop and read more about TLA’s knowledgeable staff below.

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The Team

Doug Clark, Jr.

Doug Clark, Jr.

About the Owner, Doug
Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark

Manager / Aquatic Specialist

Specialists In Fresh and Saltwater Fish, Tanks, Installation And Maintenance.

The Love Aquarium prides itself on their depth of knowledge, quality of service and a tailored approach to aquarium design. We work closely with our store patrons to help them create the tank of their dreams. Providing an extensive variety of services, The Love Aquarium has cemented its position as the North County leader in fresh water fish, salt water fish, and custom fish tank design.