Store Policies

1.   No Cash Refunds.

2.   Store Credit Refunds Only – WITH RECEIPT

3.   $25.00 Service Charge on all Returned Checks

4.   NO GUARANTEE on Compatibility of Livestock

5.   Fresh Water Fish Guarantee:

  • Forty-eight hours from Time of Purchase
  • Must have Body of Dead Fish
  • Must have Receipt
  • Must Bring in a Clean Sample of your Aquarium Water in a Container Separate from the Dead Fish
  • Aquarium Water must test out within Adequate Parameters
  • Must Operate Proper Aquarium Filter, Heater, and Related Equipment Necessary to keep Fish Alive and Healthy
  • Improper Handling and Transport Voids Guarantee

6.   NO GUARANTEE on Salt Water Fish and Invertebrates. Specimen will be fed at time of purchase, indicating good health.