Doug Clark, Jr.

About the Owner, Doug
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Doug Clark, Jr. has 14 years experience in aquarium services. He has a degree in Marine Biology, is SCUBA certified, and is an Eagle Scout.

It’s been a long since I started this wet and wild journey in the aquarium trade, and interestingly enough, when I started I knew nothing about fish, except that they were delicious. When I was old enough to start working, I skated around town with my buddy searching for odd jobs, and by odd I mean like shoe repair or vacuum sales. Turns out we weren’t qualified for that but we ended up in front of the old Fish Haven tropical fish store in Escondido. The following week we were working there.

I got my first tank shortly thereafter, and ever since I have had at least one in my home, if not more. Fast forward through 14 years of daily aquariums, after working 6 different aquarium shops, 3 servicing companies, and earning a degree in marine biology, I bought the 25-year-old Fish Haven. It was the first step towards my dream, The Love Aquarium. I pictured an aquarium shop that builds community. A shop where folks could easily learn more about aquariums at their leisure and grow their appreciation towards something they already love. In my experience, the more you know about some things, the more fully you can enjoy them. This is especially true with aquariums, as more knowledge usually means less work and more awesomeness. I have always strived to teach people to be better aquarists since my first years at Fish Haven, and now I have the only full line aquarium shop in North San Diego County!

My sister (former long-time Fish Haven Superstar) and I, with the help of some awesome aquarists and friends, we have been evolving our shop and its experience slowly but surely.  We have been meeting cool and enthusiastic hobbyists from all over San Diego and beyond. We know there are many more of you out there, so we’re looking forward to meeting as many we can. So come in, rock out, and see what’s in stock!

Doug is also an Eagle Scout, as well as SCUBA certified, and enjoys playing electric guitar and The Simpsons in his free time.